We believe that the latest technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and blockchain open up possibilities that were completely unthinkable/unavailable/unaffordable until the very recent past to most businesses. We are experts at bringing the power of these technologies judiciously and in an agile manner for our clients.

Data x

An AI data platform that unlocks the business value of your data while improving efficiency and giving you a competitive edge. It manages and transforms data while predicting future events.      


Cloud Services

We design and build scalable, secure and smart data applications in any Cloud (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) and on any technology stack (Meanstack, Node, React, Go, Grid).


Data Science

We have a deep understanding of data infrastructures, data processes, data governance and advanced analytics. We will be a trusted extension of your Data Science team.


AI Services

Our experts are trained on a wide range of technologies used in AI. We will define your AI strategy, implement best practices and manage the entire lifecfyle of these transformative initiatives.


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