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Based in Plainsboro, New Jersey, Data Foundry is a professional firm specialized in delivering AI-powered and data-based solutions to innovative businesses worldwide. We help companies leverage the power of machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to augment their business value. We are currently providing our expertise to companies in life sciences, CPG, government, commercial, non-profit institutions, and other verticals worldwide. Our corporate office is in New Jersey and development center is in Bangalore, India. At Data Foundry, our primary focus is to leverage data-based technologies to drive success for our customers and help them make intelligent business decisions.

Built by experienced data scientists, our intuitive data-based platforms empower businesses to share valuable insights and utilize the knowledge to improve their revenues and margins. As one of the leading data-driven solutions and products companies, our expertise lies in integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analysis into the way you run your business. The knowledge and insights we collect from data are presented in easy to understand reports and dashboards.

Helping Businesses Become Intelligent Enterprises with Our Data-Driven Solutions

Our approach to data science is highly pragmatic and interdisciplinary. Our data scientists are trained in recognizing complex opportunities and their impact on business processes. We combine cutting-edge methods from decision science, business intelligence, machine learning, organizational behavior and operations research to produce the most reliable and scalable business solution.

We help businesses set up their processes and systems to leverage the full potential of machine learning algorithms that analyze data and predict the outcome. The algorithms will enable your computers to perform tasks on their own by gaining intelligence from the input data instead of requiring an employee to get those jobs done. In finance, our solutions will help you detect fraud, manage the portfolio, perform news analysis and provide excellent customer service.

We leverage the full potential of predictive analytics and AI-inspired algorithms to build data-driven applications that predict and change business outcomes. Our best-in-breed data solutions ensure consistency and accuracy that lead to higher productivity. Our intelligent solutions will augment your business data, allowing you to not only engage and activate your existing customers but also acquire more of them.

Why Us?

Data Foundry’s strength lies in its vast pool of experienced and technically competent resources across data, cloud and machine learning technologies. Through a firmly established brand and an extensive talent acquisition network, we are able to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Our customers have the added benefit to leverage the experience of our experts who are equipped with the ability to ideate and deliver results for maximum business impact. Delighted by our integrity and customer-first approach, our clients and employees have helped us establish an unbeaten record of accomplishment of providing best-in-class service quality at a competitive price.

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